Lindsey + Jeremy (New Jersey Wedding Photographer)

Lindsey and Jeremy actually first met about ten years ago at a summer camp where both of their families would spend their summer vacations.  Lindsey being a little older than Jeremy was sort of hanging with a different bunch of friends.  She was introduced briefly to him and well that was it she thought. Fast forward ten years.  You truly have to love Facebook, sometimes! and in their case for sure. Jeremy found Lindsey's Facebook page through a friend of his and clearly remembered her!  He decided to give it a go and he sent her a message hoping she would remember him.  As fate would have it, Lindsey said yes to meeting him for dinner.  They had much to chat about and had so many friends in common and ten years covers alot of information.  They started dating soon after their first dinner.  Jeremy lived in NYC and Lindsey was working in Brooklyn at the time of their engagement.  Jeremy knew that she was the one he wanted to spend his forever with! Lindsey soon knew that as well.

Once engaged, they decided that the beautiful Park Savoy in Florham Park, New Jersey would be the perfect setting for their wedding.  Long Hill Chapel was the church that they chose to be married in.  Their wedding day was blessed with beautiful sunshine and blue skies. 

The Park Savoy is lined with beautiful gardens which made for the perfect backdrop for their wedding portraits. As the night began, the room was filled with live music by an incredible band and delicious food.  Jeremy I think danced the whole night.  Thank you Lindsey and Jeremy for the honor of capturing your amazing day.