Alex + Christian (New Jersey Wedding Photographer)

Alex spent her childhood growing up on her family's farm. The years were all about playing in the fields and forest and dreaming of all things little girl's dream about.  Mostly how one day she would bring back her beloved and be married right here in the backyard. 

Alex first met Christian while working as a paramedic at a local hospital. She first saw him and was immediately attracted to his good looks and gentle smile. He was there as a paramedic in training and Alex was asked to take the role of his trainer for the day. She already had that nervous feeling that you get when you meet someone special. On first sight, she knew this one was special! How she would be able to concentrate was a mystery to her. They spent their day working together and hoping by the end he would ask her for her phone number. Alex had her wish come true and Christian actually tracked her down on facebook the next day.

Christian was a young single dad to a three year old daughter at the time and was going to school full-time so falling in love was not even on his radar, but when someone comes into your life, well as Christian said, everything changed. Alex and Christian dated for awhile before she met Emme (Christian's three year old daughter) and when they did, they too fell in love with each other. They dated for about two years when Christian knew he wanted to ask Alex to marry him. When it was time to ask her mom's permission, Audrey offered Chrisitian her mother's antique engagement ring.  He proposed on New Year's Day thinking that he wanted the year to start off perfect.

They soon started planning the wedding.  At this time, they were both on tight budgets so the wedding would have to be very home grown.  They both knew it would be on the farm as Alex wanted her dream wedding there! 

She knew exactly what she wanted. Alex wanted a collection of antique dishes and stemware for a very eclectic look for her table settings. She had been collecting these trinkets for some time and wherever there was an antique store, there you would find Alex.  From that setting she adorned the tables with fresh cut flowers and seeded eucalyptus. Alex made her own wedding bouquet and her bridesmaids made their own as well. The decor that filled the farm that day was a combination of many antiques that were in the family for years.

It came time to do their wedding invitations so they wanted something different and inexpensive. She made them herself and printed them all! Christian's grandfather sang in a barber shop quartet and after he had passed away they found boxes of sheet music in his home. They decided it would be sweet to line their invitations with the sheet music.  They turned out beautiful.

The ceremony took place in the forest in front of an antique window suspended from above surrounded by white sheer curtains and a few simple baskets filled with baby's breath. Their vows were a simple exchange of their love for one another and the commitment to spend their lives together. After the ceremony, a lovely backyard buffet style dinner was served with a mix of homemade dishes, some catered and all the desserts were homemade. An apple pie served as their wedding cake! The night was filled with dancing and celebration as this beautiful family was formed.

Alex and Christian, you truly are family to me and I am so thankful to be a part of your wedding day.

Bridal Dress: David's Bridal | Ceremony: The Farm, Jim Thorpe, PA | Reception: The Farm, Jim Thorpe, PA | Flowers: | Bridesmaid Dresses: New York & Co. | Rings: Wilson Brothers Jewelers, | Bridesmaid wraps: Old Navy | Grooms Suit: Walker Slater, UK | Grooms Shoes: Allen Edmonds | Caterer: Trattoria 903 | Music (DJ): Johnny D