Caroline + Jacob (New Jersey Wedding Photographer)

Caroline and Jacob have something really special.  They have been friends since they were very little.  The grew up together playing at Jacob's cousins house who happened to be Caroline's best friend.  It came as no surprise when the feelings started to happen while in middle school. If you ask Jacob, he might even tell you it was much younger! They dated from middle school and were completely inseparable. 

They both made their way to college in separate states, but always knew that this was temporary.  Soon after college Jacob proposed to Caroline and she said yes! 

I met them through a mutual friend while photographing another wedding.  Jacob's mom saw my photographs of her friend's wedding and soon contacted me.  We set up the interview and they signed the contract that day!  I was over the moon with them.  Their families were so easy to chat with and made me feel like part of the family right away.

They decided on an engagement session (my favorite time) so they wanted to find a beautiful New Jersey beach and shoot it there.  We had the perfect day and even spent a little time on some rides!

It was now time for the wedding and they chose the Olde Mill Inn, located in Baskingridge NJ. It is a lovely building  filled with so much charm and it was still decorated from Christmas so it was a nice backdrop for the wedding seeing they were married on January 4. The reception was adorned with holiday decor and it was actually around 55 degrees that day so we made the most of the outdoors.

The dancing and singing and entertainment was so much fun and it turned out that Jacob is a fabulous dancer and he danced all night! 

Thank you Caroline and Jacob for the journey. It has been amazing.