Pam + Morgan's Engagment Session featured

I am just so pleased to share this publication of Pam and Morgan's Engagement Session! This beautiful new blog,  Click here to read the post. Red Oak Weddings is a new wedding blog is devoted to assisting and inspiring couples planning their wedding in NY, NJ and PA.

This love story... it made my whole week. I love their journey to find one another, the sincerity of their story, and how effortless and adorable Morgan and Pam are with each other. Debbie Ryan from Deborahann Photography perfectly captured their engagement in Morristown, New Jersey on a gorgeous summer day... and if their engagement pictures are this beautiful, I can't wait to see what's in store for their wedding.


New Jersey Morristown Engagement Pictures

Lindsey + Jeremy's Brooklyn Engagement (New Jersey Engagement Photographer)

Lindsey and Jeremy had met ten years ago briefly while attending a summer camp that both their families would go to each summer.  Lindsey being a bit older back then, she being 18 and Jeremy 15, they really did not hang in the same crowd.  So it was no wonder they never really met again after that one time.

Jeremy went to college and afterward moved into NYC.  Lindsey had attended college in Dumbo, Brooklyn where she was studying to be a speech pathologist.  Everyday on her way to school she would pass by these beautiful streets and thought that some day she would love to do her engagement session right here.

 Jeremy happened to see Lindsey's name pop up on facebook some ten years after their initial meeting and thought that he would reach out to her and see if she would remember him.  Sure enough she did and they planned a time to get dinner together.  They had many years to catch up on so the evening was spent chatting about the old times they had at their family's mutual summer camp and also what they have been doing for ten years!  

Their romance happened pretty quickly and they spent time together doing the things they both found they had in common. About two years after their reunion, Jeremy asked LIndsey to be his wife.  Lindsey said yes and the preparations began.  Of course, Lindsey told Jeremy where she would like to have their engagement session so we returned together to capture some beautiful images along the streets Lindsey use to dream about.  

Their wedding will be at the lovely Park Savoy in Florham Park, New Jersey this coming September.


Sacha + Ricardo's Brooklyn Engagement (New Jersey Engagement Photographer)

Ricardo and Sacha initially met at the Jersey Shore several years ago.  They had their mutual friends and would spend time together, but their relationship did not start until 12 years later.

They both have a love for great food and fantastic red wine and are always excited to try out new restuarants.  When they are not dining out, you will find Ricardo in the kitchen always preparing and cooking up something fantastic! Sacha loves to assist.  Seeing they love good food, they also spend time working out and staying active.  They love to travel and are so excited to be spending their honeymoon in South Africa.

It was Sacha's birthday and Ricardo recommended they meet for a drink at the Bowery Hotel before dinner.  While sitting at the bar Ricardo got down on one knee and asked Sacha to be his wife! As Sacha was trying to send a picture of her ring to her best friend, to her surprise in walked many of their friends and family.  Ricardo had everything planned. It was more like a little engagement party than just dinner.  It was the most beautiful birthday gift to receive.

When I met Sacha and Ricardo and we discussed where they would like to do their engagement session, they immediately knew where they wanted to go. They both were raised in Brooklyn, Ricardo grew up in Carroll Gardens, which is close to Brooklyn Heights where we had the session. Sacha's parents had lived in the area before she was born and she regularly visited the area.  Over the years, she fell in love with the Promonade. With the gorgeous sunsets along the Promonade and the pretty NYC skyline, it was the perfect setting for their session.

This beautiful couple chose the Brooklyn Winery to celebrate their wedding day in May 2016.

Morgan + Pam's Loantaka Park Engagement (New Jersey Engagement Photographer)

Pam's mother would always tell her, "keep your heart open for you never know when love it going to come in". After 10 years of being a single parent and raising three children, well the advice seemed a little far fetched to her at the time. Between working full time and raising three very busy children, where could she find the time. She clearly dated over the years but always found that most men did not want the burden of a family. She told her mom she was open but did not think it would walks Morgan.

Pam needed a picture for linkedin for her work so she thought she would put up a photo on Christian Mingle.  She did have two dates in the month that she was on the site but nothing came of them. Finally after the first subscription ran out, she decided to try it for another three months. As soon as she renewed, she received an email from a gentleman by the name of Morgan who lived locally. She was immediately attracted to him by his good looks and how sincere he seemed by reading his profile. Pam replied back and they exchanged several emails before setting a day that next week to meet.

They met at Starbucks for a coffee. She saw him immediately sitting across the room and recognized him immediately from his profile picture.  They spent about an hour getting to know one another. One question he asked her during their date was "would she ever consider getting married again"? She found it odd at first, but realized how important that question was for her, seeing all the other dates she had been on did not really want that.

They ended their evening and Morgan asked if he could see her again.  They went on several more dates and they were growing close.  At this point, Pam thought that it might be too much right now starting a serious relationship, but she was soon told by everyone that she would be crazy to let Morgan go!

They dated for two years before he asked to marry her.  With tears in his eyes, Morgan confessed that he had never felt so loved by anyone before and that she was the one he had been looking for all of these years.  

They are now ready to have a beautiful wedding this July 2016 joined by their six children and by all those that love them. Their children will be their bridal party which I think is the cutest thing ever! They will be married on the beach at McLoone's Restaurant located in Long Branch, New Jersey.  I cannot wait for their beautiful wedding!


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Alex + Tom's Central Park Engagement (New Jersey Engagement Photographer)

Alex and Tom met at a party hosted by a mutual friend.  The moment Alex saw Tom she knew that she was going to marry that man.  He too was very attracted to her as well so they hit it off right from the start.

They exchanged phone numbers that night and Alex waited impatiently for him to call.  

This couple truly stole my heart. Never have I met two kinder and sweeter people.  They are always happy and have the greatest time together with whoever they are with.  I love the Crosby Stills and Nash song "Love the One your With". I think this was written for them. 

I am also blessed to have known Alex since she was born (actually before that seeing her parents and I were neighbors and we were both pregnant at the same time). My daughter and Alex became best friends being only 6 months apart. Looking back over the years and thinking of all the playdates they spent together and all the time I had Alex with us, who would have guessed I would capture her beautiful wedding day.  Life is Good!

They both love the city, everything about it.  They currently are residing in Jersey City with their very adorable pet rabbit and plan to move to Manhattan some time after their wedding this July. It was so fitting that they chose the Brooklyn Bridge, Dumbo and Central Park for their engagement session! 

Alex and Tom, I cannot wait for your beautiful wedding at the Liberty House coming this October.  

Caroline + Jacob's Beach Engagement (New Jersey Engagement Photographer)

Caroline and Jacob have been friends for lots of years.  They spent many family functions and holidays together because Caroline was best friends with Jacob's cousin.  They were always together and it just seemed natural when after years of being friends they both began to realize that their affection for one another was much more than friends.

They started dating in middle school which came as no surprise to their families.  Their moms were pretty excited seeing they were wonderful friends and welcomed the idea of dating.  Little did they all know that this love would last them all through high school and even through their going off to college.

Just about their last year of undergraduate, Jacob thought it would be the perfect time to propose.  They knew that they wanted to spend the rest of their lives together so why not start now! They soon were engaged and they started their wedding plans immediately because they were both still in graduate school and knew that they needed to be married in January on their breaks. The picked the Olde Mill Inn as the perfect venue for their wedding.  Jacob's mom had seen some of my photographs from a wedding I did several months before and that's when they reached out to me.  We had our in home first meeting and we really hit it off!  They signed the contract that day and the fun began!

They both really love rides and amusements and especially the beach so they chose a fun and exciting New Jersey beach for their engagement session.  They are quite busy these days planning their beautiful January wedding at the Olde Mill Inn located in Baskingridge, New Jersey.

Congratulations Caroline and Jacob.


Jon + Rita Natirar Engagement (New Jersey Engagement Photographer)

Jon and Rita first met at Seton Hall University where they were both attending college.  They met through some mutual friends and both were very involved with Catholic ministries.  It was pretty cool because they both had a strong love for God and found that in the center of their relationship.

They were just friends at first.  Little by little their feelings started to blossom into a very special and unique relationship.  Finally, Jon worked up the nerve to ask Rita to go to dinner with him.  I remember Jon picking the perfect restaurant which was situated on a small lake and had a perfect view.  They spent a few hours enjoying the perfect atmosphere and the perfect company. Hours passed and they knew that they had to do this again!

They went on several other dates, each one thought out with every detail perfect for Rita. Jon is the sweetest romantic ever so Rita tells me. I could see how much he cared for her. After about one year of dating Jon asked Rita to marry him.

They will be married at Our Lady of Sorrows church and celebrate their wedding day at Pegasus in Scotch Plains, NJ. They are planning a beautiful Christmas wedding this December.

Sean + Laura's Morristown Engagement (New Jersey Engagement Photographer)

I had the pleasure of meeting Sean a few years back while he was interning as an associate pastor at my church.  We became very good friends.  During his stay in New Jersey (originally from Wyoming) he was taking a course at a nearby church.  While he was with the Pastor that was teaching the class,  his daughter happened to enter the room.  Immediately interested, Sean was very much about spending a little time after class getting to know Laura.

Time went by and he would run into Laura occasionally until he finally talked with Pastor John and mentioned that he would like to ask Laura out.  By this time, John and Sean had gotten to know each other very well and Pastor John gave his blessing.

After dating about ten months, Sean decided he wanted to ask Laura to marry him.  Once engaged,  I wanted to bless Sean so I told him I would love to do an engagement session for he and Laura as a gift. They happily agreed and that is when I met Laura for the first time.  What chemistry these two had!  It was magical photographing them and capturing their love.

A few months later, they approached me about photographing their wedding day.  I was delighted to say the least!  The planning began and they wanted a golf club here in New Jersey to celebrate their special day.  They chose the Brooklake Country Club as their venue and the happy day will take place this coming May. Congratulations guys. Love you bunches.