Caroline + Jacob's Beach Engagement (New Jersey Engagement Photographer)

Caroline and Jacob have been friends for lots of years.  They spent many family functions and holidays together because Caroline was best friends with Jacob's cousin.  They were always together and it just seemed natural when after years of being friends they both began to realize that their affection for one another was much more than friends.

They started dating in middle school which came as no surprise to their families.  Their moms were pretty excited seeing they were wonderful friends and welcomed the idea of dating.  Little did they all know that this love would last them all through high school and even through their going off to college.

Just about their last year of undergraduate, Jacob thought it would be the perfect time to propose.  They knew that they wanted to spend the rest of their lives together so why not start now! They soon were engaged and they started their wedding plans immediately because they were both still in graduate school and knew that they needed to be married in January on their breaks. The picked the Olde Mill Inn as the perfect venue for their wedding.  Jacob's mom had seen some of my photographs from a wedding I did several months before and that's when they reached out to me.  We had our in home first meeting and we really hit it off!  They signed the contract that day and the fun began!

They both really love rides and amusements and especially the beach so they chose a fun and exciting New Jersey beach for their engagement session.  They are quite busy these days planning their beautiful January wedding at the Olde Mill Inn located in Baskingridge, New Jersey.

Congratulations Caroline and Jacob.