Jon + Rita Natirar Engagement (New Jersey Engagement Photographer)

Jon and Rita first met at Seton Hall University where they were both attending college.  They met through some mutual friends and both were very involved with Catholic ministries.  It was pretty cool because they both had a strong love for God and found that in the center of their relationship.

They were just friends at first.  Little by little their feelings started to blossom into a very special and unique relationship.  Finally, Jon worked up the nerve to ask Rita to go to dinner with him.  I remember Jon picking the perfect restaurant which was situated on a small lake and had a perfect view.  They spent a few hours enjoying the perfect atmosphere and the perfect company. Hours passed and they knew that they had to do this again!

They went on several other dates, each one thought out with every detail perfect for Rita. Jon is the sweetest romantic ever so Rita tells me. I could see how much he cared for her. After about one year of dating Jon asked Rita to marry him.

They will be married at Our Lady of Sorrows church and celebrate their wedding day at Pegasus in Scotch Plains, NJ. They are planning a beautiful Christmas wedding this December.