The Webb Family

This year I have had so many wonderful family portraits to photograph.  I just love when families come together to celebrate their love and relationships in such a beautiful way!  Sometimes it is several months or even years since many family members have been together.  

The Webb Family wanted to celebrate their parents and thought there was no better way than to have all of the members photographed together.  Especially with growing families, it is wonderful to have grandparents with their grandchildren to have these memories for a lifetime! We even captured a few of the couples together which I thought was so sweet.

The children here in this family were so adorable and had such fun just running around for the session.  I love to let kids be kids so there is lots of fun and laughter while I am shooting.  The candid moments truly are my favorites.  Please enjoy this beautiful family!

Brothers (New Jersey Family Photographer)

Boys will be boys and these two are certainly all of that! We had so much fun exploring the land and just catching the children playing and living life as usual.  I love the ability to be totally photojournalistic on so many of my sessions.  With little ones, it is truly the greatest capture.

How do you pose an 18 month old and a 2 1/2 year old you ask? You don't!  You let them be themselves and have fun!  They were clearly fun and adorable I might add!

Luke (New Jersey Family Photographer)

Luke is six months old and is all boy!! He has just mastered sitting up all by himself.  He makes the cutest faces all of the time and not always smiling.  Those are my favorites!

Christopher's One Year Cake Smash (New Jersey Family Photographer)

Can I mention how much I LOVE cake smashes! They are a total delight to me. It could be because my kids are grown and I just love this stage in a child's life. I think I had more fun today than Christopher did!

He really was not ready for this.  He was a little nervous at first and then slowly he dug into his beautiful very messy navy blue icing cake. Yes, that is right, navy blue.  Who knew it would be that messy.  I think that is what made it more fun, but maybe ask his parents that same question. 

All in all I am in love with these photographs and his expressions are priceless.  We sure made some memories and lots of mess today!

Happy birthday little guy!

Sisterhood (New Jersey Family Photographer)

Sisterhood is a very special thing.  I myself have three amazing sisters and although growing up was a little challenging at times between who has your clothes, your makeup and the list goes on, it truly is such a blessing especially being grown up now and being so close to my sisters.

Today I had the privilege of photographing these two beauties.  We wanted a beautiful backdrop for our session and picked Jockey Hollow for our location.

Girls, you are blessed to have each other and I so enjoyed our time together.

The Curialle Family (New Jersey Family Photographer)

This family I have photographed several times and it is always a session filled with lots of fun and laughter.  They are just adorable and the children really love each other.  The beach was a beautiful setting to let them run and just be kids.  Capturing these special moments in a family's life is so special!

The Pontes Family

This family is very special to me.  I am wonderful friends with Nancy and have known her for several years.  It was such a joy to do our second photo session this past fall.

The children are so sweet and beautiful and I just love how they love each other. They are so adorably photogenic I can't take it!

Curialle Christmas (New Jersey Family Photographer)

Here we are again. Returning to do this precious family's Christmas session was a pure delight. We actually had been blessed with a very warm day here in New Jersey mid December. I think it was 55 degrees this day.

Christopher has just woken up from his nap and he was not as jolly as he normally is, but with this child, his not so jolly is someone else's normal jolly. That is just how happy he is all the time. They are a happy bunch and it sure shows in their images. Merry Christmas guys!