Morgan + Pam's Loantaka Park Engagement (New Jersey Engagement Photographer)

Pam's mother would always tell her, "keep your heart open for you never know when love it going to come in". After 10 years of being a single parent and raising three children, well the advice seemed a little far fetched to her at the time. Between working full time and raising three very busy children, where could she find the time. She clearly dated over the years but always found that most men did not want the burden of a family. She told her mom she was open but did not think it would walks Morgan.

Pam needed a picture for linkedin for her work so she thought she would put up a photo on Christian Mingle.  She did have two dates in the month that she was on the site but nothing came of them. Finally after the first subscription ran out, she decided to try it for another three months. As soon as she renewed, she received an email from a gentleman by the name of Morgan who lived locally. She was immediately attracted to him by his good looks and how sincere he seemed by reading his profile. Pam replied back and they exchanged several emails before setting a day that next week to meet.

They met at Starbucks for a coffee. She saw him immediately sitting across the room and recognized him immediately from his profile picture.  They spent about an hour getting to know one another. One question he asked her during their date was "would she ever consider getting married again"? She found it odd at first, but realized how important that question was for her, seeing all the other dates she had been on did not really want that.

They ended their evening and Morgan asked if he could see her again.  They went on several more dates and they were growing close.  At this point, Pam thought that it might be too much right now starting a serious relationship, but she was soon told by everyone that she would be crazy to let Morgan go!

They dated for two years before he asked to marry her.  With tears in his eyes, Morgan confessed that he had never felt so loved by anyone before and that she was the one he had been looking for all of these years.  

They are now ready to have a beautiful wedding this July 2016 joined by their six children and by all those that love them. Their children will be their bridal party which I think is the cutest thing ever! They will be married on the beach at McLoone's Restaurant located in Long Branch, New Jersey.  I cannot wait for their beautiful wedding!


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