Sacha + Ricardo's Brooklyn Engagement (New Jersey Engagement Photographer)

Ricardo and Sacha initially met at the Jersey Shore several years ago.  They had their mutual friends and would spend time together, but their relationship did not start until 12 years later.

They both have a love for great food and fantastic red wine and are always excited to try out new restuarants.  When they are not dining out, you will find Ricardo in the kitchen always preparing and cooking up something fantastic! Sacha loves to assist.  Seeing they love good food, they also spend time working out and staying active.  They love to travel and are so excited to be spending their honeymoon in South Africa.

It was Sacha's birthday and Ricardo recommended they meet for a drink at the Bowery Hotel before dinner.  While sitting at the bar Ricardo got down on one knee and asked Sacha to be his wife! As Sacha was trying to send a picture of her ring to her best friend, to her surprise in walked many of their friends and family.  Ricardo had everything planned. It was more like a little engagement party than just dinner.  It was the most beautiful birthday gift to receive.

When I met Sacha and Ricardo and we discussed where they would like to do their engagement session, they immediately knew where they wanted to go. They both were raised in Brooklyn, Ricardo grew up in Carroll Gardens, which is close to Brooklyn Heights where we had the session. Sacha's parents had lived in the area before she was born and she regularly visited the area.  Over the years, she fell in love with the Promonade. With the gorgeous sunsets along the Promonade and the pretty NYC skyline, it was the perfect setting for their session.

This beautiful couple chose the Brooklyn Winery to celebrate their wedding day in May 2016.