Lindsey + Jeremy's Brooklyn Engagement (New Jersey Engagement Photographer)

Lindsey and Jeremy had met ten years ago briefly while attending a summer camp that both their families would go to each summer.  Lindsey being a bit older back then, she being 18 and Jeremy 15, they really did not hang in the same crowd.  So it was no wonder they never really met again after that one time.

Jeremy went to college and afterward moved into NYC.  Lindsey had attended college in Dumbo, Brooklyn where she was studying to be a speech pathologist.  Everyday on her way to school she would pass by these beautiful streets and thought that some day she would love to do her engagement session right here.

 Jeremy happened to see Lindsey's name pop up on facebook some ten years after their initial meeting and thought that he would reach out to her and see if she would remember him.  Sure enough she did and they planned a time to get dinner together.  They had many years to catch up on so the evening was spent chatting about the old times they had at their family's mutual summer camp and also what they have been doing for ten years!  

Their romance happened pretty quickly and they spent time together doing the things they both found they had in common. About two years after their reunion, Jeremy asked LIndsey to be his wife.  Lindsey said yes and the preparations began.  Of course, Lindsey told Jeremy where she would like to have their engagement session so we returned together to capture some beautiful images along the streets Lindsey use to dream about.  

Their wedding will be at the lovely Park Savoy in Florham Park, New Jersey this coming September.